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Core Technical Services does not aim to compete with the main core analysis firms but instead supply niche Data Acquisition and Visualization services that are complimentary to any Core Analysis Program. 

Our business was founded on three main principles - quality, pricing and service - and we pride ourselves on our commitment to these principles each day. We provide outstanding service to every customer, and are here to ensure that all of your needs are met. Check out what we can do for you and get in touch with any questions.


Multi-Sensor Core Logging

High resolution data is rapidly acquired and combined to create and define trans-disciplinary distinct facies types enabling highly targeted sampling.

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High Pressure Mercury Injection

HPMI also termed Mercury Injection Capillary Pressure – MICP Capillary pressure plays an important role in understanding fluid distribution in a reservoir.

High Resolution X-Ray CT Scanning

X-Ray CT Imaging (CT scanning) is a well-established screening tool (more than 30 years) for both whole core in liners, preserved samples, core plugs and side-wall cores.

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X-Ray Diffraction, frequently abbreviated as XRD, is a non-destructive test method used to analyse the structure of crystalline materials.

Simulation of SCAL Experiments

An essential element of any SCAL program, post experimental relative permeability and capillary pressure data acquisition is to perform core flood simulation and history matching

Periodic Table

Minerology and Geochemistry

Mineral modelling. It is based on knowledge of the geological environment and element-to-mineral associations rather than a large dataset of computations and mathematical models

High Resolution X-Ray CT scanning

  • Custom designed for Core

  • Resolution down to 80 microns (compared with 600 microns for standard CT)

  • Whole core and plugs

  • Input to core orientation, structural analysis, characterisation and data interpretation

Multi-Sensor Core Logging

  • Intelligent sampling point selection (adaptive sampling)

  • Petrophysical core facies

  • Minimal sampling footprint / not disruptive to other analyses

  • Improved outcomes for all subsequent core studies

  • Rock strength for geomechanics sample selection

High Pressure Mercury Injection (MICP)

  • Characterisation of the pore system – pore throat size distribution (PTSD)

  • Rock typing in both carbonates and clastics

  • Design of and samples selection for advanced studies (e.g. SCAL)

  • Reservoir baffle and cap rock evaluation

Well Core CT-BHI Integration

  • Loading, depth shift & reorientation to True North - circumferential CT core image

  • CT image and wireline log loading and manipulation (activation and for

  • BHI data loading & QC. Core gamma loading.

  • Circumferential CT scan image splitting, splicing and depth calibration

  • Data loading, and relative core orientation reconstruction

Sedimentological Core Logging / Description

  • Core logging/description scale. Including QC by senior geologist and expenses

  • Core Sedimentology Log - full drafting, data tabulation, interpretation and QC

  • Matching of core to logs at 1:200 scale, tabulation of core-tologshifts with relevant comments and QC

  • Core workshop with client to run through the various facies and interpretation.


  • Thin section preparation for core plugs. With/without cover slip including carbonate and or feldspar staining Includes cleaning.

  • Thin section full descriptions, assumes full, brief, review. Includes QC by senior petrographer

  • Modal and textural analysis, quantative analysis of thin-section by point counting. Modal = 300 points. Textural = 100 points. Clastic rock. Includes QC by senior petrographer


Full SEM description including 4 photomicrographs per Sample (s)


X-Ray diffraction (XRD) whole rock and clay per Sample (s) Integrated core sedimentology and petrography report, including fully drafted enclosures and diagrams, data tables and QC by senior geologist

  • Provided by leading experts in field

  • Whole rock and case

  • Preferential cost

Minerology and Geochemistry

  • Mineralogy and lithology from XRF

  • Mineralogy and lithology from XRF calibrated to XRD

  • Chemostratigraphic interpretation - including a zonation and interpretation with annotated plots.

  • Chemostratigraphic interpretation and correlation- including a zonation and interpretation with annotated plots.

Geomechanical Studies

Rock Mechanics Core Testing

  • Multi-Stage Triaxial (MST):

  • Thick-Wall Cylinder (TWC):

  • Uniaxial Pore Volume Compressibility (UPVC):

  • Grain Size Distribution (GSD):

Solids Production - Data Analysis

Advanced Subsurface Visualisation

Analysis and modelling 3D Core data, in full context of 3D reservoir data with the addition of laboratory data, all in one virtual workspace. An evaluation of traditional techniques is compared with this new approach.