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X-Ray CT Imaging (CT scanning) is a well-established screening tool (more than 30 years) for both whole core in liners, preserved samples, core plugs and side wall cores. CT scanning allows the presence of fractures, bedding, nodules etc. to be visualized. It is important to be aware of the presence of heterogeneity and damage present in samples that are being considered for use in advanced core studies such as SCAL.

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Core Technical Services (CTS) work in partnership with Geotek Limited utilizing an MSCL-XCT system which is custom designed for core and as such, has unique advantages over the medical CT scanners used as standard by other service providers. The key advantage is voxel resolution which is an order of magnitude superior. In house personnel have more than 30 year’s experience with X-Ray CT imaging of core.

The key applications and deliverables are;

  • High resolution characterisation of the internal structures & fabric of core materials

  • Orientation of whole core in liner to facilitate band sawing and plugging

  • Core orientation / reconciliation with bore hole image logs (BHI), 360o view

  • Structural analysis of core – bedding, fractures, paleo transport direction / sediment movement

  • Detailed characterisation of preserved core sections prior to plugging for advanced studies

  • Detailed characterisation of core plugs before inclusion in advanced studies

  • Monitoring integrity of sleeved (mounted) core plugs as they progress through the analytical sequence – scanning pre-extraction, post-extraction and post analysis for one fixed price

  • Enhanced interpretation of routine core analysis (RCA) and special core analysis (SCAL) data

  • Mercury free core plug bulk volume (for porosity determination)

  • Optimising value of information from rotary sidewall cores (RSWC)

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CTS typically scan each plug prior to extraction, post extraction / drying and post analysis (potentially at additional steps during SCAL) to ensure only robust data is utilised for the purposes of reservoir evaluation. This means that each plug can be scanned at least twice times for a single fixed price.


Why choose Core Technical Services as your provider of High Resolution X-Ray CT scanning?

Resolution - Up to 10x higher than medical systems

Flexibility- Innovative scanning methods such as laminography

Experience - Our team has 30+ years and many hundreds of cored wells

Cost - Ask for a quote and compare to your existing provider


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