CTS - Based in Aberdeen we are an affiliate of Core Specialist Services consultancy. CTS provide niche core analysis services, mainly not available elsewhere in Aberdeen. CTS provide all services at costs you cant match elsewhere.

Core Technical Services (CTS) have partnered with key innovators in the field of core logging and analysis; 

  • Craytive Technologies 

  • Geotek Limited for in-house a high resolution X-Ray CT scanner.

  • Epslog SA we have in-house  multi-sensor core logging platform.

  • Two Micromeritics Autopore IV Systems for high pressure mercury injection (HPMI).

  • X-Ray Minerals Limited - providing  X-Ray Diffraction (XRD).

CTS do not generally aim to replicate or directly compete with the main core analysis service provider, but to provide expert and niche services mainly not available elsewhere or lower cost equivalent of standard services.


Services and summary

CorelineZ Holographic Visualisation Service 

  • 3D Core Image data visualization, in context of 3D Reservoir Data

  • You can pan/scale/rotate the popup to make it bigger for example and stand close by to visually inspect the images and core data

  • You can ‘grab’ the 3D Core image cone and pan/scale/rotate that individually too, for example make very large

  • 3D CT Scan data visualization (as ‘seismic’)

  • Slice though the CT scan data

  • Change CT scan data display properties (e.g. colorset, value range etc)

High Resolution X-Ray CT scanning

  • Custom designed for core

  • Resolution down to 80 microns (c/w 600 microns for standard CT)

  • Whole core and plugs

  • Input to core orientation, structural analysis, characterisation and data interpretation


Multi-Sensor Core Logging

  • Intelligent sampling point selection (adaptive sampling)

  • Petrophysical core facies

  • Minimal sampling footprint / not disruptive to other analyses

  • Improved outcomes for all subsequent core studies


High Pressure Mercury Injection (HPMI)

  • Characterisation of the pore system – pore throat size distribution (PTSD)

  • Rock typing in both carbonates and clastics 

  • Design of and samples selection for advanced studies (e.g. SCAL)

  • Reservoir baffle and cap rock evaluation

X-Ray Diffraction (XRD)

  • Provided by leading experts in field

  • Whole rock and case

  • Preferential cost

Why choose Core Technical Services as your provider?


Availability - CTS provide unique / niche services


Cost - Ask for a quote and compare to your existing provider


Flexibility - Services can be adapted to suit specialist needs


Value of Information (VOI) - No other service offering maximises VOI for core in one location