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Smartflower Renewable Energies

The smart, simple & stunning solar system. Smartflower is a revolutionary solar system. Beneath its elegant design is a remarkably intelligent system fully integrated with smart systems fully integrated with smart features that make Smartflower Remarkable, powerful and Efficient. Up to 40% more output, thanks to the innovative smart features. There’s no better way to showcase your commitments to sustainability than with Smartflower


Plug & Play and that is a promise Smartflower functions autonomously and automatically. Smart features for more efficiency and care-free use:


Smart Use – Smartflower is an all-in-on complete system which can be operational within an hour due to its simplistic assembly.

Smart Tracking – with an astronomical control system this allows for horizonal and vertical adjustments which ensures optimum utilisation of sunrays, which gives up to 40% more output compared with rooftop systems.


Smart Cleaning – easily rids itself of dust and snow with its folding technology. Thus, common losses in energy production (up to 5%) are minimized.


Smart Cooling – Cooler modules deliver more electricity. With Smartflower rear-ventilated design hot air cannot accumulate. This mean they are 10-20c cooler than roof top systems allowing them to produce 5-10% more output.


Smart Mobility – when moving properties, simply take your private solar system with you. Once the four anchoring bolts are removed it can be carted away.


Smart Safety – Smartflower’s sensors continuously monitor wind speeds, if speeds exceed 54 km/h the system automatically folds into a secure position.


Smart Options   - available in eight different colour options – from the trendy Berry to the classic Pearl. Either way, the glossy, finely structured surface gives the base and appealing, modern design.  



5 reasons why you should buy Smartflower:

  • All-in-One solar solution without extensive installation (Plug &Play)

  • Efficient energy production: Up to 40% more output due to innovative smart tracking, on demand exactly when you need it.

  • Thanks to smart cooling and smart cleaning common losses in output due to heat and contamination are prevented by up to 15%

  • Ideal if your roof is not an option (installation, aesthetics, rental property): Smartflower POP can be setup in the garden and can be taken along when you move.

  • Highest to the highest quality in Austria


And its that easy…

  • Arrange an appointment

  • Let us help you find the perfect installation site

  • Wait in eager anticipation for the delivery

  • Then simply setup, connect and use

Now you can produce your very own clean energy!


We look forward to receiving you call!