Multi-Sensor Core Logging

This technology brings core analysis into the 21st century. High resolution data is rapidly acquired and combined to create and define trans-disciplinary distinct facies types enabling highly targeted sampling for all subsequent, standard core analysis. Core Technical Services (CTS) work in partnership with Epslog SA utilising their innovative multi-sensor core logging platform. Whilst these data and analyses can be acquired from core at any time, including archive core, ideally it should be acquired prior to plug sampling for core analysis to grasp the complex nature of the cores before plugging and slabbing.

This allows targeted sampling both for routine core analysis and most importantly for advanced studies including special core analysis (SCAL) and geomechanics.


How? Rapid high resolution core logs are delivered to equip core specialists with trans-disciplinary & quantitative core data right after barrel opening.


Challenge: before slabbing, no direct access to suitable surface to take photography or conduct measurements.

Solution: Disruptive innovation based on the “scratch test” technology to surgically open a window at the surface of the core. One unique equipment from core preparation, data collection down to integration.

Key advantages and applications include;

  • Surface preparation: Dry cut / No water damage

  • Rapid / Limited exposure

  • Data are interpreted live / Direct availability

  • All depth synchronized and data formatted for ML applications / Fast turnaround integration

  • Intelligent sampling point selection (adaptive sampling)

  • Trans-disciplinary core facies

  • Reservoir quality estimation

  • Quantitative data

  • Minimal sampling footprint / not disruptive to other analyses

  • High resolution data vastly improves VOI from core

  • Improved outcomes for all subsequent core studies

  • Single sensor (e.g. UCS) options can be selected if required

  • No mobilization charge for Aberdeen based projects

  • Portable system readily deployed in other locations

Core Preparation;

Smooth flat surface on full cores with PDC cutters

  • No prior sample preparation required;

  • 3 cm large window max, machined by PDC cutters with submillimetric cuts; 

  • Level @ µm scale; 

  • Only 3mm thick layer of material removed (on 4 inches diameter core);

  • Preserve cores for plugging and slabbing;

  • Suitable for a comprehensive series of continuous measurements.

Maximise data acquisition compared to conventional methods

Speed - All data acquired in single sweep of <1 hour/meter

CoreDNA - Ground breaking analysis of big data from core


Interpretation and Integration - Our In-House consultants can assist if required

Core logging rate: 1meter per hour, resolution ~1cm


Multisensor - Process.png
Mini SLab.png
Core Profile for cut.png
Ultrasonic Vp&Vs.png
HR photo.png
UHR Photo.png
Laser Scan.png
Probe Perm.png
Sonic Logs.png
Core photo (Vis & UV).png
Permeability index.png
Grain size index.png
Elemental comp.png
Core photo.png
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