3D Holographic Visualisation

We are working on ways to maximise value of information from our in-house Geotek MSCL High Resolution X-Ray CT data with help from our parterres at Craytive Technologies displayed via holographic visualisation. It nicely shows both bedding and fractures.

You and your team can easily interact with the hologram from multiple locations simultaneously within a virtual meeting space to provide a whole new data viewing experience. Existing data sets can be brought to life like never before.

Core Deliverables:

  1. 3D Core Image data visualization, in context of 3D Reservoir Data

    1. See label along the wellbore were there is core data

    2. Click on a label to see the detailed core images in a popup

    3. You can pan/scale/rotate the popup to make it bigger for example and stand close by to visually inspect the images and core data

    4. You can ‘grab’ the 3D Core image cone and pan/scale/rotate that individually too, for example make very large

  2. 3D CT Scan data visualization (as ‘seismic’)

    1. Slice though the CT scan data

    2. Pan/rotate/scale the CR scan data

    3. Change CT scan data display properties (e.g. colorset, value range etc)

CTS have a specific interest in holographic visualisation of core (not just limited to X-Ray CT) but the platform has capability way beyond this basic application –  visualisation of entire sub-surface data sets. Holographic visualisation of reservoir models including wells, structures, properties and more.

We can truly say this is the most inspirational development we have brought to the market in my many years in the oil and gas industry.

We would welcome the opportunity to engage with you all and welcome any interest in the technology.